Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick Fitzgerald completed his Queen’s University Belfast PhD.
on the subject of Poverty and Vagrancy in Early Modern Ireland
in 1994. Following a period working as Curator of Emigration
History at the Ulster-American Folk Park, Omagh, he took up his
current post as Lecturer & Development Officer with the Centre for
Migration Studies at the Ulster-American Folk Park in 1998. Since
1996 he has been teaching a Queen’s University Belfast MSSc. in
Irish Migration Studies. He has published numerous articles and
papers related to Irish migration history and co-authored with Dr.
Brian Lambkin Migration in Irish History, 1607-2007 (Palgrave
Macmillan, Basingstoke 2008). In 1999 he acted as one of three
consultants to the international television series ‘The Irish Empire’
and in 2004 acted as consultant to the television documentary ‘On
Eagle’s Wing’..

Diane Dunnigan

Diane Dunnigan is a PhD student and Hume Scholar in Department
of History at NUIM. She is a native of San Francisco living in south
Roscommon from where her ancestors emigrated. She specializes in
the history of emigration from the west of Ireland at the turn of the
nineteenth century. Among her publications is A south Roscommon
emigrant, emigration and return, 1890-1920.

David Monahan

David Monahan has worked for some 14 years as photographer to
institutions such as the National Library of Ireland, the National
Museum of Ireland and the National Photographic Archive. The
recent turndown in public funding has seen Monahan spending more
time on personal projects and concentrating on the area of fine art
printing. Both are areas he hopes to develop further into the future.
His current project, ‘Leaving Dublin’ has attracted international
media attention in EU countries such as the Netherlands and
Belgium and further afield in the United States and China.

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